Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sarah Waters The Little Stranger

I love a good ghost story, the paranormal, and mysteries. But I very rarely find authors that I like who write in that field. Sarah Waters is a difficult writer, her writing is wonderful and always draws me in, but sometimes I don't like what she does to her people!

The Little Stranger is like that, I sat down to read and 7 hours later I was finished. I love the book, but was so unhappy with the outcome. It was just like I felt when I finished her other book Affinity. She really is someone I want to sit down with and ask her "what the hell?" Why the outcomes?

The Little Stranger is set in an old English manor house after WWII, the locale Doctor is drawn to Hundreds Hall and the Ayres family. As Dr Faraday gets to know the family better he learns they are living under a threat, it's source unknown.

The book is creepy good. It made me a little jumpy and made me wish I had not started it at night time. I liked the people in the book and I liked that the minor players where well rounded even if they where only in it for a short time.

If you want to think and get a thrill give Sarah Waters a go.

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