Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Man loves his Hometown

Just finished The Given Day by Dennis Lehane


The man loves his home town. Every one of his books has an extra character, Boston. Every time I read one of his books or see a film version of his books, I want to see Boston, I want to walk the wet gray streets, and feel the pulse that is in all of his work, but then I wonder would I have had to live there my whole life to feel it as he does.

I love my home town, I would never live anywhere else, but can I feel and write it as he does? There are a handful of writers who can do this, let you in to the world they know, the streets they walk, the smell, the grit. I love his work.

I found the story engrossing as well, I am fascinated by history, race relations, the union movement and the red menace. All of this is covered in the book and a lot more. Family, family we are born into, and the family we create. I liked this book so much that I was having trouble finishing it. I was so worried that bad things would happen to the people in it that I at times could not keep reading because I could not face them been hurt!

And can this guy be more diverse? He jumps all over when it comes to subject matter, but he always jumps in Boston.