Thursday, April 15, 2010

A bit of Magic

When I lived in London I was fascinated by the Ghost Stations of the London Underground and by the Wild Apple Trees that you would see all along the way. Why where the Stations empty and how did the Apple Tree grow where it did? Where did the little doors go and the random staircases lead too?

These where the thoughts I followed every work day for two years. They where the thoughts that took me away from the over crowed Tube, the smell of too many damp people and not enough ventilation.

London is a magic place, it is so old, and it's little by ways can still lead you places. This is the London that Neil Gaiman brings to life in his lovely book Neverwhere. I have been in a book funk recently and thought that my reading 3 books a week since I was 11 had finally brought me to a place where the might not be anymore surprises for me. Maybe I had read every version of every story there was to tell.

With that in mind I took my time at work and drove my Josiegirl mad with my constant cry of "Which Book"

Neverwhere won and I am so happy it did. It is a wonderful modern fairytale and I love it. After seeing the movie Stardust I should have known he was different, that he had something new to give.

So if you are feeling a bit sick of the everyday, and want to see your world in a new way give him and read and then work your own magic into every day.

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Theresa said...

This looks really good. I followed that first link and I was lost in the underground for half an hour. I love this sort of thing. I am definately inspired to read this book. Now I just need to find the time....