Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Love In a Cold Climate

I had read about the Mitford Girls many years ago and found their family and life fascinating. They really did live a life that seems today unreal.


I knew that Nancy was a writer but had never seen her work in print. With the new release of the classic orange and tan Penguin Books selling for only $9.95 I decided to finally give one of her books a go.

I enjoyed her work the way I enjoy Evelyn Waugh.


Both of them write intimately of a time and place and a world we will never know. They write about that world with love and disdain. They mock it and at the same time you know they have a deep fondness for it because it was their world.

While reading Love In A Cold Climate I was constantly thinking it was really a bit a of a bio, if you read any of the many books about the Mitford family you will know what I mean. The story is set in the stately homes of England and the people are all what we would call posh. It is about the relationships within a sprawling family and the journey of one, Polly, to find love.

I don't really care that much for Polly, but I do enjoy all that goes on around her and within her family.

If you enjoyed movies like Gosford Park or Brideshead Revisited or like to peak at a different world you might get into this.

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