Monday, January 18, 2010


Magic in Movies.

I saw Avatar today and I loved it.
It is every childhood dream I had of different made up worlds that could just be around the corner or under a leaf.
It was the Swiss Family Robinson Tree on steroids.
It was my fairy dreamland made alive.
It was an underwater dream scape on land.
It was pretty and beautiful and grand and wonderful.
It was an imagined world made alive.
I am so happy that some very few blessed people in our world are granted the talent to be able to bring the imagined to life for us.
Do I wish I was one of those people?
Yes I do.
But I am not, so I am just happy to the bottom of my bones that some people are able to do it and that they think big.
It is a tale that has been told many times, so not a new story.
But a story told in a new visual way.
The characters are all archetypes, so not new to us.
But because they are archetypes instantly familiar to us.
It is a metaphor and didactic,
but still wonderful despite this.
It has bits and bobs borrowed from every war, love, battle, cross cultural film ever made,
but not boring.
Even the cadence of the Pandoraian Natives is familiar, sounds like North American Indian cadence.
But even that harks back to a story already told and not learned from.
We have all seen the small worthy group beat the bigger badder foe,
so nothing new there, but still not boring.
There is said to be nothing new under the Sun, and that may be so,
But James Cameron gave us a new Sun to look upon and for that I am thankful.
I love love love love love love love love love Cinema and this is just one reason why.
We as humans are not so bad I think, even though we do vile evil things at times, if we can still make beauty for others.

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