Monday, October 4, 2010

Let The Right One In

This movie was recommend to me by a person who is a bit of a horror and genre movie guru. I saw it on his recommendation and was a bit disappointed. It was so good but it just missed something for me. I read the book last week and found everything in it that was missing in the movie. I found answers and back story.

I always find it interesting in book to movie interpretations that sometimes they get it so right eg Virgin Suicides and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And then like with this one they miss by a hairs breath. Or when they change the book to make a good movie eg Children of Men, and I can see why they changed that one where they did, and both of them still come out great.

Or how big Stephen King books often lose something in the translation from book to movie but his novellas make sublime films.

I think the success of a book to movie conversion comes when the people involved love the source material. If love is used and change is made to make it a good movie the changes made compliment the original.

If you can get hold of Let The Right One In it is a great read. I hate the new vegetarian Vampires that are been spewed out at the moment. So if you like your Vampires old school this is for you.

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Theresa said...

I don't like the vegetarian vampire either. I assume they are catering to the puritanical teenage American market, so adult concepts are stripped out. That's why I am so looking forward to seeing Alan Ball's interpretation in True Blood - because he makes no apology for the adult content.

It's always disappointing to a fan when the movie doesn't live up to the book. I was very happy with The Lord of the Rings trilogy and I am looking forward to The Hobbit. It can be so many different things that go wrong between book and screen. I really loved The Dark is Rising children's fantasy series when I was young and when the movie came out a few years ago they took out all the scary bits and changed the story entirely. And it flopped. Surprise, surprise - they didn't retain any of the spirit of the book and as a result it fell on its face. But there are always redeeming examples - The Princess Bride - when it's right, it's right.