Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Different Types of Legend

When I saw the movie I am Legend I really liked it. I love movies and books about the last person on earth or the last of a kind or the end of the world. It all seems so fantastical that it is like a dark fairy tale to me.

So finally I got around to reading the book and if you want a happy ending do not read this book. It is a great ending but it is not an ending you will like if you go in for the happy Hollywood ending.

This Richard Matheson book was published in 1954. When you read it you will be impressed with his idea of the future. It is set in the 1970s and it has the whole Cold War feel that the 70s had. SiFi writers are clever buggers. I am never not amazed with what they write and how so much of it comes true. Well elements of it come true.

I think that the movie was a good interpretation of the original work, despite the happy ending, I know the Will Smith character died, but the others got to safety. I am now looking forward to seeing Omega man as well to complete my
I am Legend journey.

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