Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

SF Masterworks is a library of classic SiFi novels.


It is a great collection and I decide to start reading it with one of the all time classics Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

A lot of you will be familiar with it as the film Blade Runner.


There are always debates about book to movie translations. I know there are die hard SiFi fans out there who hate the movie Bladerunner. But after reading the book I feel it was done really well. There are some ideas in the book that just would not go over the movie. Ideas that are too big for movies. There is never enough time in a movie format to fully develop the mind bending soul enhancing ideas in SiFi.

I did not "enjoy" the book, but I did like it. It was not a light read and I did need to keep my mind on it. But I always love to read a version of our possible future. And for someone who has no interest what so ever in going to the Moon or Outerspace I love to read about what other people think it might be like.

It is a bleak, sad book. There seems no hope in this version of our future. Even the one moment of hope involving a toad, you will know it when you read it, is not what it seems. I do like a book to leave me with more then I had before, I was left with more ideas then before I read it but I did not feel enhanced.

This does not sound like a great-go-out-there-and-read-it-book-review, but it really is worth a read!

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